Intellectual Property & IT Law

ASAG’s also operates in the field of intellectual property including trademarks, industrial designs, and protection of patents, copyrights and unfair competition.

Thus, we advise on the acquisition and maintenance of intellectual property rights, as well as in the fulfilment or infringement of copyrights and in the drafting of licensing agreements.

This activity is developed before courts, but also before the administrative authorities competent for the different areas of intellectual property.

  • Drafting of copyright contracts or related rights;
  • Issuance of opinions on any matter relating to copyrights and related rights;
  • Negotiation of payable compensations by virtue of the use of copyright protected art works and services;
  • Registration and maintenance of trademarks whether at national, Community or international level;
  • Registration and maintenance of domain names;
  • Registration and maintenance of drawings or models, whether at national, Community or international level;
  • Monitoring of patent processes;
  • Transfer and licensing contracts for industrial property rights;
  • Litigation of trademarks, patents and copyright related rights;

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