Portugal Residence Permit

Portugal Residence Permit

The year 2016 was a year full of news that will certainly change the way we see the World and the global political conjuncture.

The changes of this period will certainly bring a migratory flow for the UE countries which have more stability.

And Portugal, is certainly a great country to live in, being known for the hospitality and new business opportunities.

In addition, Portugal has an excellent program of residence permits that allows a foreign citizen rebuild his life safely.

A residence permit holder has the right to education and instruction, professional training, access to health care, and access to the law and courts.

Residence permits also ensure equal treatment in matters of social security, tax benefits, union membership and access to goods and services available to the public, as well as the application of provisions granting special rights.

Portugal has different types of residence permit, which can serve your different interests, among them are:

  • Residence Permit of spouse married with UE Citizen;
  • Residence Permit to Work as an Employee;
  • Residence Permit to Work Independently;
  • Residence Permit to Study;
  • Residence Permit for Retiree;
  • Residence Permit for Research or other Highly Qualified Activity;
  • Residence Permit for Family Reunification;
  • Golden Residence Permit Programme.

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