Although young, lawyers at ASAG have an extensive experience in the judicial resolution of civil and commercial conflicts and arbitrations, providing legal consultancy to national and international clients.

Always ensuring judicial and extra-judicial assistance to our clients, we focus our efforts in dispute avoidance and settlement, thus guaranteeing the necessary legal assistance in civil, commercial and criminal litigations, as well as in national and international arbitration.

Our skills cover the following areas and matters:

  • National and international arbitration proceedings;
  • Contractual and non-contractual civil liability;
  • Producer responsibility, consumer rights and professional responsibility;
  • Insolvency and corporate recovery;
  • Enforcement of national and international court decisions and of arbitration awards;
  • Recognition of foreign court decisions;
  • Drafting of civil and commercial contracts;
  • Actions for the invalidity or voidness of corporate resolutions;
  • Settlement of insurance disputes;
  • Alternative dispute resolutions;
  • Legal advice and defence in economic crime cases;
  • Actions related to transactions and contracts;
  • Advice in the area of financial litigation;
  • Due Diligence;
  • Pre-trial procedures;
  • Debt recovery;
  • Nationality litigation.

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