Portugal Residence Visa for retirees


Under the terms of Law 23/2007 of 4th July and of Decree 84/2007 of 5th November

Although it is known, the Portuguese law provides the obtainment of residence visa to a foreign citizen – not a national of Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area and Switzerland – who wants to live in Portugal as reformed or income from abroad.

The visa must be applied at the Consulate of Portugal’s area of ​​residence, and their deadline for approval of the application is 60 days.

After the entry into national territory, provided the residence visa, the citizen must apply for his residence permit, at SEF – Immigration and Borders Service.

Emphasize that it is extremely important that citizens enter Portugal with the appropriate visa to the end, otherwise the residence permit is not granted.

The authorization will be valid for one year, renewable for successive periods of two years. The visa and the issuance of the residence card, is linked to proof of livelihood, as well as a guarantee of their receipt in Portugal.

Under of Ordinance No. 1563/2007 of 11st December, is considered sufficient income for subsistence the following amounts: € 6,360 / year for the first adult € 3,189 / year for another adults of family € 1,908 / year for each member less than 18 years