Tax Law

ASAG’s team is prepared to provide case specific advice on available legal tax options and their implications.

Furthermore we operate as consultants for business restructuring, tax refunds, requests for binding information and tax assessment.

We provide top-level expert consultancy in all domains of taxation law, in particular in business taxation, international taxation, financial taxation, taxation concerning family assets and tax litigation.

Our fields of competence comprises tax litigation and its procedures and represents our most regular activity, including not only matters arisen within the company but also extended to its directors, managers and business partners in this capacity or personally.

Our services in this area include:

  • Providing advice and assistance to companies in resolving issues of international double taxation;
  • Assisting clients within the framework of tax inspections;
  • Representing clients in the context of tax proceedings and tax litigations;
  • Tax analysis and optimisation for companies of the financial sector and the real estate sector;
  • Compensation taxation as well as the taxation on various types of payments made to employees and contractors;
  • Assisting individual client departments in fulfilling their tax obligations;
  • Assisting and informing companies about fiscal legislative changes that can impact their business operations
  • Organising, in cooperation with the company, internal training programmes on taxation matters;
  • Tax litigation;
  • Indirect taxation.

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